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The Scholarship Committee is asking all high school Juniors and Seniors to submit your names, email addresses and cell numbers to Ms. Djuana Wilson - 803-269-2099; or

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Scholarship Awards

To all High School Seniors, the Scholarship Committee has received an application from the AKA’s for a scholarship opportunity. Please contact Ms. Djuana Wilson or Mrs. Jackie Green if you want to apply.


All high school Juniors or Seniors, who are interested in SAT workshops, or tutoring, please contact Dr. Craig Littlejohn via email at:

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It's about that time to decide how to finance your college education. There is funding available, but you must do your research. Start here!


RMBC Scholarship Application

We would like to send out a big CONGRATULATIONS to all of our students upon being promoted this school year. During these trying times, you all endured and did well. We are proud of each of you! You will be given a small token later this summer. Again, we say, "Thank You."

The Scholarship Committee of RMBC realizes that many things have changed since March 2020, which affected your school year and your upcoming graduation. We would like to commend you for your hard work and tenacity during these most difficult days.

The one thing that has not changed is that RMBC will be administering scholarships for the academic school year August 2021-June 2022. We want all high school Seniors who are members of RMBC to apply for the church’s scholarship. The criteria and application can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.  Scholarship applications and attachments are due on
Sunday, May 14, 2023.


We would like to post your picture (jpg or png format), along with graduate information, including your high school, future plans, awards and recognitions you have received, and organizations and/or affiliations on the website.

Email pictures to Djuana Wilson at:

  • High school and College graduates should forward all information on or before May 14, 2023 to Djuana Wilson:  2 Beardmore Court, Columbia, SC 29223.

Congratulations to all of our graduates! 

Please note that your scholarship application must be typed or printed in ink.​

RMBC 2023 Scholarship Criteria
RMBC 2023 Scholarship Application


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