Ridgewood Missionary Baptist Church
5326 Ridgeway Street
Columbia, SC 29203


Welcome to Ridgewood Missionary
 Baptist Church

Since 1925, Ridgewood Missionary Baptist Church has stood as an institution, as well as a symbol for Christian worship; a place where people give their lives to causes and ideals that manifest the existence of God and eternal life.  Our family has grown over the years, and we welcome you to a family where there is always room for one more. 
Our current shepherd is Rev. Fred W. Coit. He is a man called into the ministry over 25 years ago. He has been a faithful leader in the Ridgewood Church family and community, and is a dedicated, committed man who has a heart for God.
We invite you to come and fellowship with us whenever you are in the neighborhood or in town.  We strive to make your worship experience one that will be an encouragement to you and cause you to encourage others.  Browse our website to learn more about us and if you like what you see, worship with us, pause to pray with us and then depart to serve the Lord.  We look forward to seeing you!


Day Time Service
Every First Sunday   Communion
Every Third Sunday   Youth Worship
Sunday 9:30 am Sunday School
  8:00 am Morning Worship Service
  10:30 am Morning Worship Service
Monday 12:00 pm Noon Day Service
Wednesday 6:00 pm Bible Study
  7:00 pm Prayer Service

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